Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – Intermediate


1 day

Pre Requisites

Delegates should have attended the one day PowerPoint Introductory course or should have attained a similar level of expertise.


This course covers some of the more advanced aspects of PowerPoint and looks at additional features in tables, graphs, organisation charts and use of graphics. The delegate will also learn how to create slide masters and create more complex slide presentations.

Other Versions Available

2007, 2010

Further Learning

Presentation Design

Presentation Skills

Course Content

Advanced Formatting

  • Inserting a Text Box
  • Changing Text Direction
  • Paragraph & Line Spacing
  • Copying Styles
  • Working with Bullets
  • Using the Ruler
  • Setting Tabs
  • Inserting a Symbol

Slide Masters

  • Multiple Slide Masters
  • Creating a Template
  • Using Themes
  • Headers and Footers

More Advanced Tables

  • Inserting/Deleting Rows & Columns
  • Changing the Table Design
  • Changing Style Options
  • Using WordArt Styles
  • Merging and Splitting Cells
  • Drawing a Table

Pictures, Movies & Audio

  • Inserting a Picture
  • Editing ClipArt and Pictures
  • Changing Picture Style
  • Cropping an Image
  • Inserting a Screenshot
  • Inserting a Video Clip
  • Adding a Poster Frame
  • Formatting and Recolouring
  • Eyedropper Tool
  • Adding Audio
  • Compressing Media Files
  • Applying a Bookmark

More Advanced Drawing

  • Inserting WordArt
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • Ordering Objects
  • Rotating and Flipping
  • Adding Shape Effects
  • Editing Freeform Drawings
  • Using the Selection Pane
  • Creating a Watermark
  • Merging Shapes

More pm Charts

  • Selecting the Data Source
  • The Chart Tools
  • Changing the Chart Type
  • Changing Chart Style
  • Adding Grid Lines
  • Data Labels & Data Table
  • Chart Animation

Organising the Presentation into Sections

  • Add and Name a Section
  • Renaming a Section
  • Moving/Removing a Section
  • Expanding and Collapsing Sections

Custom Animation

  • Adding Animation to Objects
  • Using a Motion Path
  • Setting Triggers
  • Animation Techniques
  • Creating Custom Shows

Working with Other Applications

  • Inserting Slides from Other Presentations
  • Creating an Excel Worksheet Object
  • Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Copying from Word

Action Buttons & Hyperlinks

  • Action Buttons
  • Changing Action Settings
  • Creating Hyperlinks