Microsoft Word 2013 – Advanced


1 day

Pre Requisites

Delegates should first attend the Word Introductory course or have attained a similar level of expertise.


By the end of this one day course delegates will feel confident in their ability to create and manipulate documents and produce printed reports, together with some of the more advanced aspects such as headers and footers, illustrations, mail merge and styles.

Other Versions Available

2007, 2010

Further Learning

Word Advanced

Course Content


  • Drawing a Table
  • Formatting a Table
  • Table Styles
  • Merging Cells
  • Alignment
  • Adjusting Column Widths and Row Heights
  • Moving Around a Table
  • Selecting Part of a Table
  • Converting Text to a Table
  • Nesting Tables
  • Repositioning and Sizing a Table


  • Setting Tabs
  • Default Tabs
  • Moving a Tab Removing a Tab
  • Leader Tabs
  • Using Soft Returns

Headers, Footers & Quick Parts

  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Building Blocks
  • Quick Parts

Templates and Styles

  • Creating a New Style
  • Manage Styles
  • Style Inspector
  • Creating a New Quick Style
  • Updating an Existing Style
  • Creating a Template
  • Creating a Template from an Existing Document
  • Using the Installed Templates
  • Using Microsoft Office On-Line

Mail Merge

  • Setting up a Mail Merge
  • Select Recipients
  • Adding the Merge Fields
  • Previewing the Merge
  • Finish and Merge
  • Envelopes and Labels

Illustrations (time permitting)

  • Inserting a Picture
  • Inserting Clip Art
  • Incorporating on-line Videos
  • Inserting Shapes
  • SmartArt
  • Formatting Illustrations
  • Arranging Graphics When Printing
  • Sizing Illustrations
  • Object Zoom