Coaching Skills for Managers


1 day

Suitable For

All managers responsible for the performance and development of their team members/ Whether coaching formally or informally this interactive practical workshop will equip participants with the skills and confidence to undertake coaching conversations


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Define coaching and where it sits with mentoring, counselling and other interventions.
  • Understand how people learn and its impact on coaching
  • Describe the key skills of coaching.
  • Utilise a number of coaching models.
  • Undertake challenging and structured coaching sessions.

Course content

Principles of coaching

  • Definition
  • Key skills
  • Do’s & dont’s

How people learn

  • Learning styles
  • Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model

Coaching models

  • Coaching spectrum
  • GROW

Key skills

  • Contracting
  • Support & challenge
  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Use of metaphor

Planning how and when to apply new tools/skills

  • Practical exercise
  • Action planning

 Course Evaluation and Next Steps