Consultative Sales Workshop


2 Days

Suitable For

All employees who are customer facing and have responsibility for generating revenue. It gives a sound grounding for those for whom the relationship is as important as the sale itself, and enables them to build sound business relationships and grow revenue.

Aims & Objectives

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

• Define the process

• Recognise their role in the process

• Build effective relationships

• Understand and use the sales process

• Handle objections confidently & effectively

• Close the sale

• Use follow up procedures to secure further sales

Course Content

The role of the sales consultant

  • Building relationships
  • Building value
  • Buying motives

The sales cycle

  • Initial contact
  • Rapport Building
  • Uncovering Customer Needs
  • Selling to Customer Needs
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing the Sale
  • Follow up

Key Areas

  • Developing customer need/motive
  • Recognising & asking tension questions
  • Features, advantages, benefits
  • Building value into the process
  • Asking for business
  • Turning objections into opportunities

Continuing the process

  • Planning for follow up
  • Becoming proactive in sales
  • Measuring sales

Planning how and when to apply new tools/skills

  • Four stages of learning
  • Action planning

Course Evaluation and Next Steps