Training Delivery

Our extensive range of management, leadership and personal development courses draw on a range of well-established models and are delivered in a way that is practical, engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable.

Our course outlines will give an idea of the themes covered in all of the sessions, but each course is individually deigned in partnership with clients to ensure all specific learning objectives are met.

This means we work closely with all our clients during the design phase to ensure all material is relevant and where appropriate any ‘organisation specific’ policies, processes and paperwork are included where appropriate.

All of our IT courses include a pre-course questionnaire to ensure the courses are pitched appropriately.


Executive Coaching

Director Graeme Borrill is an ILM level 7 coaching practitioner working with CEO’s, MD’s, directors and senior managers across a range of organisations and industries.

The sessions are designed to be challenging and enable the coachee to tackle a range of situations that they face throughout the year. They do this by enabling the coachee to gain clarity and take specific actions as agreed in each session.

The coaching sessions can cover a range of business/management issues as directed by the coachee in any given session.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Providing clarity and action to tackle a range of issues
  • To enable high performers to perform at an even higher level
  • To identify organisational/personal blockages and provide solutions
  • To enable the coachee to take personal responsibility for their own development and the development of their area of business

Typical areas covered are:

  • Business growth
  • Business strategy
  • Personal impact
  • Delegation
  • Leadership & management


Performance Management Systems

 We work with organisations to design and implement performance management and appraisal processes which are sympathetic to an organisation’s purpose and culture.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring the objectives of the process are clear and understood
  • Designing it around current structures, processes and policies
  • Ensuring it fits with current and future pay structures and policy
  • Involving relevant parties in its design
  • Effectively communicating to relevant parties
  • Training all participants in its effective implementation


Training Needs Analysis

We use a range of techniques including 1:1 interviews, group sessions and questionnaires to identify individual or group training needs.

We can work on an individual, team or organisation wide basis depending on need and size of organisation.

Group Facilitation

We have extensive experience of facilitating events.

These include:

  • Team away days
  • Strategy development
  • Creative sessions
  • Problem solving sessions