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The use of a range of training techniques and styles which are designed to engage delegates and ask them challenge what we do how we do it and why we do it.

IMP believes that all delegates should own their learning and the outcomes of their learning so that they can more easily practice it following any training event. To this end the workshops are designed to be participative, interactive and thought provoking.


Training is more than just about learning new skills. It is about ‘hearts and minds’ it is about delegates being engaged, involved and energised. IMP firmly believes that any learning event should not be just another day in the office.

That is why we encourage delegates to not just engage but enjoy in an atmosphere that is relaxed and right for learning.


IMP Training workshops are about preparing delegates for the real world. We do this by being honest, realistic and pragmatic.

We give delegates tools and techniques that they can take away with them and use on a regular basis. In short we put theory into practice.

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34a St Aubyns, Hove,

East Sussex, BN3 2TD

Telephone 01273 720307


Graeme Borrill – MCIPD (Director)

Telephone 07801 036325